Aymara indigenous community

Indigenous People(s): Aymara
Country: Bolivia
Product(s): Coffee
Description: Indigenous women producers of coffee. "In the mountains of the Caranavi region in Bolivia, Bolivian Cafe Femenino grows. Since 2008 the women’s group has been meeting and working hard to find solutions to the problems their families face. With few economic resources to improve their lives, the women’s group decided to focus on coffee quality and improving the processing of the picked cherry in order to increase yields. Also, as more women took charge of their coffee production, they realized the need to consistently produce the highest quality of their coffee in order to be able to call it Cafe Femenino."
Location: Caranavi
Contact: Andrea Hilari Condori
Source of Information: The stories of Café Femenino Coffee Farmers. Trees Coffee. Web. Accessed April 2015. Link.
Additional information: Link 1

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