Asociación de Cabildos Indígenas Juan Tama

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Indigenous People(s): Nasa Paez
Country: Colombia
Product(s): Coffee
Description: 600 coffee farmers, mostly of the Nasa Paez ethnicity, make up the Juan Tama Association of Indigenous Councils. They are located in the indigenous reserves bordering and within the Tierra Adentro territory, a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site. Throughout 20 years as an Association, Juan Tama has consolidated its work and organizational structure and achieved profitability by producing high quality coffee. It has done so applying an agricultural model that supports the health of the surrounding forest ecosystems based on a strong connection to practical and ancestral knowledge. These practices are greatly responsible for having achived a succesful organizational and productive model for a coffee that has been recognized for its uniqueness and high quality. Profits are reinvested in a series of social programs so that this knowledge is maintained over time while integrating new techniques.
Number of producers: 600 aprox.
Certification(s): Organic
Conservation Area: Resguardos de calderas, Tumbichucue, San Andrés de Pisimbala, Santa Rosa de Capicisco, Yaquiva, la Gaitana, Turmina, San Antonio del pedregal.
Exports to: Germany, United States
Supporting Agencies: Acción Social, Café Imports, European Union
Location: Carrera 4A No. 5-16 - Plaza Principal, Inzá, Cauca
Contact: John Jairo Quirá
Telephone: +57 311 333 5841 - 48
Source of Information: All Biz. Web. Asociación de Cabildos Indígenas Juan Tama. Profile. Accessed April 2015. Link.

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