Pequeños Productores de Café Indígenas Yaneshas

Indigenous People(s): Yanesha
Country: Peru
Product(s): Coffee
Description: Thanks to the project "Improving value chains in sustainable coffees for Yanesha coffee-growing families in Oxapampa, Pasco"—implemented in partnership with Central Coffee and Cacao of Peru, the Amazonas NGO, and financed by FONDOEMPLEO—186 Yanesha indigenous families were represented in the fourth Expocafé Peru through the participation of CEPRO Yanesha (an organization that unites the project's beneficiaries) in Villa Rica origin module. Our project continues strengthening and improving the quality of the coffee produced by the Yanesha small producers from the seven native communities in the Oxapampa province. This continual processs of improvement is carried out through various efforts such as boosting new markets, increasing consumption within the national market, and promoting direct export to nations such as Canada and Germany while meeting their high standards.
Number of producers: 186 aprox.
Exports to: Germany, Canada
Supporting Agencies: Central Café & Cacao del Perú, ONG Amazonas
Location: Oxapampa
Source of Information: Indigenous Map

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