Asociación Agroforestal Indígena de la Amazonía Sur

Indigenous People(s): Cercado Río Mamoré, Moxeño Ignaciano
Country: Bolivia
Product(s): Cocoa
Description: This project is supported by CIPCA who provided training and a processing plant that now benefits 1,572 indigenous and peasant families. The project focuses on agroforestry systems, producing diverse crops including fruits, vegetables and cocoa utilizing fertile land from the forest, but not threatening it. The goal is to process cocoa paste in order to sell it to chocolate makers and to make progress in the sustainable management of wild cacao found within the territory, which is presumed to be of 9000 ha.
Conservation Area: Territorio Indígena Multiétnico. Territorio Indígena Moxeño Ignaciano. Cercado Río Mamoré.
Supporting Agencies: CIPCA
Location: Road to San Borja, San Ignacio de Moxos, Beni
Contact: Loida Rosel Riva
Source of Information: Franco, Mabel. "Cacao con sabor beniano." La Razon. 12 May 2013. Web. Accessed May 2015. Link.
Additional information: Link 1

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