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Indigenous People(s): Anazco, Canaan, La Morada
Country: Peru
Product(s): Cocoa
Description: ACOPAGRO is a 2,000 member cooperative located in the Northern Peruvian Amazon. The cooperative was founded in 1997 with 27 members with support from the United Nations’ cocoa cultivation program in response to the prevalence of illegal coca cultivation and the associated violence from narco-trafficking in the Huallaga valley. Since then, ACOPAGRO has expanded its production and grown its membership nearly 100 fold. Favorable agricultural conditions, key strategic partnerships and an effective integration of the cooperative model with Fairtrade certification have been key in achieving high levels of growth and impact.

ACOPAGRO brings together small producers of specialty cocoa, located in the Huallaga Central Valley, in the San Martin region, Peru, spread throughout four provinces: Mariscal Caceres, Huallaga, Picota, and Bellavista. The main activity is to promote the cultivation of cocoa, all the way from planting, growth, harvesting to the export of organic cocoa beans. ACOPAGRO exports to Italy, France, Switzerland, Netherlands and the United States. Rather than seeking to have more associates, ACOPAGRO wants its current associates to grow in productivity.
Number of producers: 2100 aprox.
Certification(s): Organic, Fairtrade
Supporting Agencies: SNV, UCUMARI
Location: Jr. Arica 284, Juanjuí, San Martín
Contact: Gonzalo Ríos
Telephone: +51 4 254 5190
Source of Information: Pinned onto Indigenous Map website - EDF
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