Yanesha in Ñagazú

Indigenous People(s): Yanesha
Country: Peru
Product(s): Coffee
Description: Thanks to the support of a project financed by Italian coffee roaster Lavazza, 38 farmers from Ñagazú have been working to improve the quality of their coffee as well as their resource management practices since 2005. Together with Ecoselva, a local NGO, and exporter Volcafe Lavazza has helped local farmers to form an association, through which they have been able to improve the quality of their coffee and become Rainforest Alliance Certified.
Number of producers: 37 aprox.
Certification(s): Rainforest Alliance
Supporting Agencies: Ecoselva, Lavazza, Volcafe Export Co.
Location: Ñagazú, Junín
Source of Information: Comunidad Nativa Yanesha Ñagazú. Selvacentral. Web. Accessed Sep 2015. Link.

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