Yanesha indigenous people of Pasco

Indigenous People(s): Yanesha
Country: Peru
Product(s): Cocoa
Description: The indigenous Yanesha community of Pasco in the Amazon consists of a total of 64 Yanesha families affiliated to APPALAR (Laguna Raya Association of Small Agro-ecological Producers). Living in the Palcazu valley (located in the Oxapampa Province of Pasco, Peru), these families are committed to cocoa production, and are planning an artisanal plant to process their product.
Number of producers: 64 aprox.
Conservation Area: Yanesha Asháninka Biosphere Reserve of Oxapampa.
Supporting Agencies: Pronaturaleza
Location: Palcazú, Oxapampa
Source of Information: Manejo Sostenible del Majaz (Agouti paca) en Cautiverio en la Comunidad Aguaruna de San Rafael, San Martín. SGP UNDP. Web. Accessed May 2015.
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