Junín Pablo and Nueva Yarina native community

Indigenous People(s): Shipibo Conibo
Country: Peru
Description: In this project, AIDER worked closely with the families of the Junín Pablo and New Yarina Native Communities on the recovery of traditional knowledge regarding the healing properties, use, application method and propagation mechanisms of the medicinal plants in their communal lands. The reincorporation of this knowledge to the indigenous population's treatment of diseases was promoted in parallel with the propagation of the species of interest in order to ensure a production that allows for their sustainable use. Finally, the project proposed the establishment of family agroforestry plots where different agricultural staples are cultivated alongside medicinal plants. This production was intended both for self-consumption and to offer the surplus, if any exists, to local and regional markets, thereby fostering a new economic alternative to generate income.
Source of Information: Gestión Comunal de Bosques-Actual. CEDIA.3 July 2014. Web. Accessed April 2015. Link.
Additional information: Link 1

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