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Indigenous People(s): Kichwa
Country: Ecuador
Product(s): Handcrafts, Chocolate bars, Cocoa powder, Tourism services
Description: Kallari is a community-based organization of 850 Kichwa families located in the Napo Province with more than 100,000 hectares of tropical forest reserves. Their territories, within the Amazon Basin, are home to endangered species and cultural resources of great social and economic value. Unfortunately, it is also one of the lowest per capita income regions of Ecuador. Kallari provides an economic alternative for people whose environment would otherwise be devastated by logging and extractive activities. They promote agroforestry farming as a sustainable development model for the region. The families cultivate polycultures under the principles of permaculture: in half-acre plots along the river banks they grow around fifty species of fruit, medicinal, edible and timber plants. Kallari holds organic certification for 68 species of common plants growing in biodiverse gardens called "chakras". They have begun to expand the Kallari brand to a wide range of certified organic product lines with a focus on flavored chocolate. Kallari plans to expand its processing and marketing capabilities of local crops while maintaining their ecologically based line. They will continue taking advantage of opportunities to diversify the organization's income, all in order to offer development and conservation of natural resources.
Number of producers: 850 aprox.
Certification(s): Kosher, Organic, TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence
Conservation Area: Sumaco Biosphere Reserve, Antisana National Park, Llanganates National Park, Sumaco National Park and Napo-Galeras National Park.
Exports to: United States
Location: E4-266 Wilson & Juan Leon Mera, Quito (Quito offices). Huachiyacu y S/N, San Jorge neighborhood, Tena, Napo
Contact: Galo Grefa
Email: carlosposo@yahoo.com
Telephone: +593 6 301 8619
Website: http://www.kallari.com/
Source of Information: "List of Operators 2013." BCS - Oeko. Web. Accessed Dec 2013.

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